Infinity Accounting Solutions Services

Infinity Accounting Solutions is a cloud-based accounting firm that helps keep numbers in order in the most systematic way with zero error. We are a one-stop solution for all your accounting, tax and finance operation essentials. Backed by modern technology and a team of professionals, our internal business process ensures accuracy and efficacy in making calculations and keeping record.

Infinity Accounting Solutions works as a virtual accountant for many different industries, with Ecommerce being the most specialized industry of the firm. Here we do not believe in a standardized business approach. In fact, experts from our team ensures to know each and every detail of your business in depth. They research details about your cash flow, finances, legalities and taxation, payroll management and other crucial and vital aspects to develop an ideal virtual accounting setup. As a virtual accounting firm, Infinity Accounting Solutions is keenly concentrated in safeguarding your personal data. All the information and data are encrypted with end to end encryption with password protection.

Our Services include:

Bookkeeping & accounting services

The bookkeeping platform of Infinity Accounting Services gives you real time access to your business finances. You will have accurate knowledge of the companies’ expenses and revenues. We consult with clients to simplify the tedious task of maintaining balance sheets and ledger accounts. The reduced user error along with elimination of processing times ensures that the financial accuracy is guaranteed. Along with that, specifically in Ecommerce business bookkeeping, we keep an accurate record of COGS (cost of goods sold).

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance
  • Accurate records of revenues and expenses
  • Completed reconciliations for all accounts
  • Tie outs to all schedules and reports
  • Completed month end, quarter end and year end closes
  • Consulting services to clean up the books you have already started
  • Full review and/or set up of your inventory
  • Payroll services
bokkeeping and accounting services
Tax Compliance and Planning

Tax Compliance and Planning

The accountants at Infinity Accounting Solutions have hands-on experience with the IRS. Communicating with the IRS and various state and local agencies on behalf of our clients is our duty. We value the laws and regulations of local, state, and federal authorities and have got you covered through tax planning and tax compliance.

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual tax planning
  • Income, payroll and sales tax filings
  • Reporting, filing, and remittance
  • Business structuring to minimize burden of tax
  • Sales tax Nexus audit for ecommerce sellers

Consulting and CFO Services

A pile of books, ledgers and reports are not of any use if not cultivated in a systematic way. Infinity Accounting Solutions see beyond the numbers. Integrating and analytical approach, we keep the data in a way so that it benefits the business in the long run. Along with that it allows for a business owner to optimize their money and time as well.

  • Cash flow management and review
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial advisory and risk management
  • Business entity selection
  • Cleanup and operations assistance
Consulting and CFO Services